December 2020 Album Releases

December 2020 Album Releases

Hey music fans!

Today I have decided to post a few albums that are coming out this month. I hope you like the list and if you have any albums you would like to share make sure to write it on the comment section below.

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Favourite Music Bloggers

Favourite Music Bloggers

Hello music lovers out there!

We can all agree that music is something that can make wonders in a person’s life, but finding a good blog that dedicates itself to that is difficult to find. As I have done on my previous posts – Favourite Book Bloggers and Favourite Movie/TV Show Bloggers – I would like my favourite music bloggers.

I would like to say that, if for any reason the bloggers mentioned do not want their logos to be used or if there is any problem in general, make sure to include it on the comment section below. I just simply want to share to other readers my admiration towards your blogs.

Lets begin, shall we?


A1234 is dedicated solely to music and music alone. They post amazing content and review music which I only discover from their blog. It absolutely inspiring and I love following them. You should definitely go to their site and check them out.

@Luke Atkins

Luke’s blog is more into movies and TV show reviews, but also talks about music. You should check it out, you might find something worth looking at. I sure do.

Have you heard any of the bloggers above? What do you think about them.

Unfortunately I haven’t found many music bloggers, so if you have any to recommend, make sure to write it down on the comment section below.

Until then Happy listening!

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