CorelDRAW For Photographers And Digital Artists Alike

CorelDRAW For Photographers And Digital Artists Alike

Hey everyone!

I’m sure everyone recognises CorelDRAW and many use it as well, but I just wanted to share to people how extraordinary it is.

It is a really helpful tool for many creative people, whether it is for your photos, for creating digital art from scratch, graphic design and even video makers. It is a unique tool once you know how it all works.

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Favourite Music Bloggers

Favourite Music Bloggers

Hello music lovers out there!

We can all agree that music is something that can make wonders in a person’s life, but finding a good blog that dedicates itself to that is difficult to find. As I have done on my previous posts – Favourite Book Bloggers and Favourite Movie/TV Show Bloggers – I would like my favourite music bloggers.

I would like to say that, if for any reason the bloggers mentioned do not want their logos to be used or if there is any problem in general, make sure to include it on the comment section below. I just simply want to share to other readers my admiration towards your blogs.

Lets begin, shall we?


A1234 is dedicated solely to music and music alone. They post amazing content and review music which I only discover from their blog. It absolutely inspiring and I love following them. You should definitely go to their site and check them out.

@Luke Atkins

Luke’s blog is more into movies and TV show reviews, but also talks about music. You should check it out, you might find something worth looking at. I sure do.

Have you heard any of the bloggers above? What do you think about them.

Unfortunately I haven’t found many music bloggers, so if you have any to recommend, make sure to write it down on the comment section below.

Until then Happy listening!

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Favourite Book Bloggers

Favourite Book Bloggers

Hey everyone!

As you have probably guessed, in this blog I love many things, among one of them is reading books and also reading book reviews from other bloggers. I follow many of them, but I will share my top favourites which come to mind for now. I might do another post with all of them together, because all of them are amazing. Other than that, I’m sure other book lovers are willing to discover new book bloggers and that is why I have created this post.

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For All The Choreography Lovers

For All The Choreography Lovers

Hey fellow dance lovers,

Finding new people that love the same things as you do is a great feeling. You can learn new things and see if they suit you or not. You can make a new dance trend that can make you viral. You can never know what life will bring you, you just do what you love and things will come your way.

For all those people who love dancing and also love following dance choreographies on the internet, make sure to check out Nika Kljun. She is a talented choreographer who presents her work all over the internet. She has choreographed many dances for multiple celebrities which will make you green with envy, and has even made appearances in many TV shows.

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NaNoWriMo For Creative Writers

NaNoWriMo For Creative Writers

Hello fellow Creative Writers!

Do you have difficulty in finishing an idea in your head that you wanted in writing? Ever had the desire to write a novel, but didn’t have the motivation to complete it?

Although this post is a little late, I would like to make it known for people that haven’t heard of NaNoWriMo.

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Dance Sport: A Entire New Meaning To Fitness

Dance Sport: A Entire New Meaning To Fitness

We did talk of dance fitness on a previous post, but a dance sport is something different. Dance sport heads more into the direction of ballroom dancing, but they take it to a whole new level. Many events are held for this type of sport and more people are intrigued to support the dancers.

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For Beginner Photographers: Basic Knowledge On How To Use Your Digital Camera

For Beginner Photographers: Basic Knowledge On How To Use Your Digital Camera

Always wanted to get a digital camera and now that you got it you are having difficulty using it? Or are you a little sceptical of buying one because you don’t have much knowledge on how to handle it?

Well, in this post there are few photos that can give you a simple understanding of how they work, and their corresponding websites to look into this subject further.

Expert Photography has a wide range of helpful tips and information. It contains numerous articles to read, online courses to follow and products to buy from their store to expand your knowledge of photography. You can see a sample of what it contains on the images below:

An infographic showing the basic functions of a camera
Diagram explaining the exposure triangle - iso, shutter speed and aperture
Diagram showing the the f/stop scale

As you have looked at the images above, it seems a bit easier now, doesn’t it? Of course, that doesn’t mean you will get the perfect picture in just one go. Always remember “practice makes perfect” don’t you agree?

Just a heads-up, if some of the images intrigued you, make sure to click on them so it can send you to the relevant website. It will explain everything in much more detail.

The next image is also from Expert Photography. It is called a histogram. It is quite useful for beginner photographers as it will help you get the best photos, by telling you how well exposed they are. If you click the image it will send you to their website explaining how you can read them.

Screenshot of a photography histogram

All in all, if you want to see more from Expert Photography have a look at their website. And it you want to have the complete article from where these images were taken from, don’t hesitate to click on this link:

Shootguru is also very helpful when it comes to giving you tips on taking photos. If you become a member to their site, you will definitely get the most out of them. If you are not convinced, have a look at some of their photos, which you will have seen going through the internet.

Shoot Guru on Instagram: “Photography Tips . Types of lighting . Comment  and win goodies . #camera #cameras #dslr #cameraporn #film #film… | Types  of lighting, Rim light, Light camera
Shoot Guru on Instagram: “Photography Tips: Get your basics right! .  Aperture, Shutter, ISO! They are interrelated if you … | Camera basics,  Basic, Photography tips
9 Best Bakış Açıları Notları images in 2020 | Comic tutorial, Animation  storyboard, Animation tutorial
Shoot Guru on Instagram: “Photography Tips: Lens field of view. Based on  full frame cameras. . This is only a refe… | Photography tips, Full frame  camera, Instagram

Although the above images are a small glimpse of what Shootguru provides to users, and they might seem like simple knowledge, it will make your life a whole lot better knowing this, and much more. If you want, you can click on the link for more information:

On another note, once you have honed your photography skills and are considering selling your photos online, you should read this blog post from Shootguru ( It provides you with some websites where you can do just that. Amazing, don’t you think?

Last, but not least, are more images on aperture, shutter and ISO, just in case you didn’t get the idea of it on the previous mentioned.

09-simplified-helpful-photography-guide-with-photo-cheat-sheet |  Photography basics, Photography tips, Photography guide
25 Simplified Helpful Photography Guide With Photo Cheat Sheet | Wedding  Photography Design
The Exposure Triangle | That Dog Spot
25 Simplified Helpful Photography Guide With Photo Cheat Sheet | Wedding  Photography Design

Hopefully, this has helped you to not give up on your dream and encouraged you to chase it with more passion than before, not letting fear of the unknown and fear in general get the better of you.

Happy shooting!

What did you think about this post? Do you know any websites that provide helpful guides for beginner photographers?