I am a huge fan with everything that activates the brain in the creative sense, whether it is music, books or visual arts. To be more specific, this blog is about everything that requires creativity. I have personally loved painting with watercolors, drawing with pencils – lead and colored – and writing a few short stories here and there, therefore I decided it would be a great idea to share these inspirations with you.

For my stories, I focus on non-fiction genres up till now. One of the longest I’ve written and have yet to finish is called Archaggelon.

I also will be very grateful for feedback to what I will be posting soon, because I believe it will improve my skills and help others to improve theirs as well.

I get very inspired by what other people can create and I am looking forward to see other people’s work as well. I find it fascinating that people can share their own techniques, styles and creative sense to better their own skills.

Once the blog gets started, I would like to feature anyone’s art, music or stories in here. So if you’re interested, I will be writing posts on my blog.