I have started reading a lot of books lately, therefore I am going to share you another review on a book I read called “The Patient” by Michael Palmer.

To begin with, Michael Palmer is a well-known author, famous for the book “The Cure.” He has a way in expressing himself when it comes to medical terms and the process of working in that department.

As for “The Patient,” it was an intriguing read. It sets you into the mood of how everything works in the office. It gives you a mental picture of all the people that work in the medical center and what goes on behind the scenes. Most of all, the people that the doctors come across and how some situations forces them break their medical oath.

It would be great to go deeper into the plot, but I always have in mind the readers that don’t want spoilers. I’m sure whoever likes medical books will love this one.

Also, the book is not that big and very lightweight so it’s easy to carry with you for your holidays.

It is totally recommended.

Take a look and have a quick readthrough.

Happy reading!

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