The Martian has everything a book needs to make the story all the more interesting and breathtaking. A man’s determination for survival, being stranded in a foreign land that is far away from the planet we have learned to live in, and without anyone around except for his wits to bring him to victory. It is very compelling.

To top it off, the wonderful and funny personality of Mark Watney makes the journey incredible, while he goes through hardships and explains his amazing inventions needed to overcome them, simultaneously reaching his goals.

Overall, it teaches the readers about the instinctual will to survive no matter what comes a person’s way, even if it is a barren planet such as Mars, but it also shows the people’s compassion for each other when someone else is in danger.

I do believe that whoever reads this book will not regret it. They will find a large amount of scientific information that is necessary for our survival, not to mention a person’s need to always have a positive perspective of things even when they think there is no way to overcome a terrible phase of their lives. Because as it proves in the book, he did end up reuniting with his crewmates, and survived with the small rations and limited equipment that he had.


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