There is no better feeling than reading a book, if not every day, at least whenever we get the chance to do so. In my opinion, every book provides the reader some kind of getaway from their stressful lives and just let’s them dream of a world that does not exist. Most of all, whatever we read, whether it is fiction or not, we always end up learning something new. It could be a new word, or facts about something that we never thought of looking up on the internet.

The books that have had a large impact in providing the readers with interesting facts are the works of Dan Brown. He is famous for many amazing books, but the one that I have found most intriguing is Inferno. This book contains many information on art and the works of Dante Alighieri, specifically The Devine Comedy, not to mention wonderful places in Italy and Turkey.

By combining it with a little bit of mystery, and by decrypting many puzzles in the process it makes it all the more fascinating. It keeps your mind in active search of the mysterious “plague” together with the infamous professor and the witty doctor who is by his side. It certainly keeps you on edge until the end.

It was definitely an amazing experience reading through these pages and I truly loved the way Dan Brown finished the book with the same style as all the books of The Devine Comedy, which is also mentioned in the book itself.

Overall, it’s like a history book that I would love to read, even though I’m not a big fan of history. I’m sure it would make other history haters feel the same.

For whoever is interested in reading this book, I have tried very hard to keep most of the information out just so I don’t end up revealing too much. And whoever hasn’t thought of reading it, I do hope that it has made you a bit more curious and motivated in reading it. I ensure you it won’t be a waste of your time.

I do wish you all happy reading!



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