I had posted a while ago a topic called Comics or Manga? and I decided to start another post concerning the differences between graphic novels and comics.

Comics are basically similar to graphic novels, but there are slightly obvious reasons why they are different. The most apparent is the fact that graphic novels contain a large quantity of material. This happens due to its efforts to fit its content in one book or sometimes two books, at the most.

As for the comic books, their storyline is much more simple, and contains a series of books with a small amount of pages, therefore their plot can be extended from one book to the other. This way, the readers have something lighter to read.

Evidently, while we consider the information above, the plot that the graphic novels have are pretty much like a normal novel, but it’s with illustrations rather than a bulk of text. As it has become a habit now, more and more novels are transferred into graphic novels so that the author can aim towards other kinds of readers.

I think is a clever idea, because in some way, it expands the authors horizons. And for a person who loves writing and drawing, it is a nice way to implement both talents simultaneously.


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