Everyone knows that the eye is the window to one’s soul, but artists also know an extra fact about the eyes.

The eye is one of the most famous body part that they love drawing. Personally, I love drawing eyes, especially ones that are a little more extraordinary. One of them is the drawing that is on this blog post.


It is a bit zoomed in, but I might draw it again. The only thing is that I would like your opinion on this drawing. Would you like me to keep the drawing as it is (in pencil), or should I draw it in colour this time.

For whoever believes it is ok just the way it is can simply press the like button, but the ones who prefer to see it in colour can write a comment.

In case you want to see more of my drawings, here is the link that will take you to them: https://www.instagram.com/sofie_terzis/


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