The wind blew the sand into many directions like 100 typhoons were in the atmosphere, making the road all the more difficult to see. It was as if it was quiet and peaceful, although the roar of the sand said otherwise. It was whipping the human skin so painfully making them get scraped by the small particles. But that harshness the sand had didn’t have any effect on the two people who were standing in the middle of nowhere – one female and the other a male.

They were about two paces apart, just staring at each others’ gaze. It wasn’t really easy to identify what exactly they were doing but, as they continued staring, there was a hint of movement coming from both of them.

They were pacing slowly closer towards each other. It seemed as if they were not blinded from the sand, judging by the way they glared, as if there wasn’t anyone in front of them, not even a hint of dust.

Finally, when they were about two inches away from each other, they leaned closer for a kiss, but then something strange happened.

Their backs were shaking, making large bumps as if something was inside them and trying to make its way out. Then their backs explode and reveal two sets of wings. Dragon wings if not mistaken.

“This can’t be real. I’ve heard it’s only a legend,”cried a man from behind a huge rock a wide distance from the scene.

“Why, do you actually know what this is?”asked a girl from behind him.



To read the continuous of this story, click this link:


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