There has been a massive increase in the amount of people who collect or read comic books and manga nowadays, and it got me curious: Why do some people prefer one from the other?

They both contain illustrations from beginning to end, they are very helpful sources for people who love drawing, and they are faster to read when people don’t have time to read a novel, or simply they don’t love reading a lot of text.

Of course, the plots between the two kinds of comics do differ in most ways, their style of illustrations include many differences. For example, comic books have more masculine characters while manga have more skinny and vulnerable looking ones. Lastly,  since the manga are Japanese comics, the pages are read in the opposite direction.

There may be many more facts on their similarities and differences. If you want to write your own observations, comments are welcome. In addition, why don’t you tell me what kind of comics you are interesting in the most and why.  I’m really intrigued to see what perspective everyone has.


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